Companies who equip themselves with new technologies and look to expand their capabilities, move towards greener IT and technically maximize higher returns from their existing IT investments. In any case, well integrated systems in an organisation form the path to long term success.

Organisations today must change to adapt to the shifting technological trends and ensure that they differentiate themselves above the competition.

At TKIPL, we offer outstanding system integration services through highly-valued partnerships, and proven expertise. System integration is not merely a technical process and has a strong impact on the core business as well as its people. With a successful track record of implementing system design solutions and integration capabilities across various sectors, TKIPL is the most trusted partner for building a competitive advantage.

Forming Powerful Integrated Solutions

For a seamless expansion of the current IT setup, TKIPL works with your organisation in evaluating the existing systems, locating the problems and finally forming a system integration solution that is futuristic, cost-efficient and the best in performance.

Storage consolidation solutions

Data is an organisation’s most important asset. Equally important to it is the storage on which it resides. With the proliferation of mobile technology and big data, organisations are facing the explosion of business critical data combined with redefined technical and legal requirements. In order to keep up with this increasing business demand and to empower its infrastructure for maximum utilization, organisations are pushed towards consolidation.

We at TKIPL embarks with evaluating your existing data storage system and move towards integrating the extended capacity without interrupting the performance of the system. Through the entire journey our storage specialists tackle all issues related to the business and to people.

Server infrastructure solutions:

As per research, more than 50% of the organisations suffer from increased costs, server regulatory issues and server sprawl. At TKIPL, we offer optimized solutions for consolidation of servers and eliminate business backlogs such as traffic surges, connectivity issues, increased downtime and high overhead costs. By utilizing our complete range of deployment monitoring tools and support services for server consolidation, organisations can benefit from an enhanced level of application delivery performance.

Tailored network design and implementation solutions

Decentralized network solutions hinder ROI by bringing down the overall employee productivity and accountability for all routine operations. Network consolidation is the answer to increased agility and enterprise-wide efficiency. At TKIPL, we offer tailor-made/ customized solutions to all types of organisations to ensure higher resilience, increased scalability, lowered costs and network reliability.

Security consolidation and optimisation:

Traditional approach to implementing the security infrastructure has led to fragmentation and inefficiency in several organisations. Our security consolidation solutions focus on eliminating configuration clutter and also bring down the overall cost by cutting down operational expenses, licensing costs and management overheads. From firewall assessments to using a UTM platform, TKIPL delivers resilient business benefits and increased cost savings.

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