Business-to-Business (B2Bexchanges are electronic marketplaces in the Internet where suppliers and buyers interact to conduct transactions.

Telko’s offering:

1. Reviving the ancient Indian concept of ‘वस्तु विनिमय – Barter System’, where customer can align or list their depreciating IT-Ewaste for which we will assign a value post inspection and will juxtapose the equivalent value New Hardware/solution needed by customer.
2. If the new Solution/Hardware cost is more then the amount of Ewaste will be deducted and only the remaining amount has to be paid.
3. Facilitation of Direct transfer of ownership for the working hardware to other companies who are in need of the same hardware.
4. Issuance or Non-Issuance of Green Certificate depending on the client’s need.
5. Facilitation of Reverse Logistics.
6. Valuation of the Zero Value / depreciating Hardware.

7. Facilitating the biggest concern by disposing the E-Waste legitimately thus helping organisations to save on their Space, Power, Manpower and Maintenance cost.


1. Cashless Transactions.
2. Utilisation of Budget.
3. Book of Accounts easement
4. Adoption of new Technology in the time of funds crisis.